About Procyon

We are 100% dedicated to providing penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and similar audit assignments that allow you to get a clear picture of the state of security of your company, network, systems and applications.


We do not provide managed services nor sell tools, which gives us a full independence from any third party. That guarantees you that during our investigations we will never find ourselves in a conflict of interest situation, and that our results will always be fully transparent and complete. Our only commitment is to you, our customer.

How We Work

Every project starts with the definition of a clear scope, based on your business requirements. The scope contains the actions, the process, and the timing for the project, and it is controlled with project management. The testing is done according to standard security methodologies (e.g. OWASP) and the requirements laid down in the scope document.
Where it makes sense automated tools are used, but the output is always correlated with manual work to avoid errors.

The deliverables of each project include a report, containing a management summary as well as a detailed description of each of the found issues, along with an explanation of the associated risks and recommendations on how to mitigate the risks.

All customer information obtained during the project is considered strictly confidential, meaning that it will not be stored unencrypted and will be securely erased and/or handed over after completion of the project. Non-Disclosure Agreements are a standard part of our work.