Social Engineering Leads the TOP 10 List of Most Popular Hacking Methods


According to a study done by security company Balabit social engineering is the number one method of accessing confidential data.

The full list is as follows:


  1. Social engineering (e.g. phishing)
  2. Compromised accounts (e.g. weak passwords)
  3. Web-based attacks (e.g. SQL/command injection)
  4. Client side attacks (e.g. against doc readers, web browsers)
  5. Exploit against popular server updates (e.g. OpenSSL, Heartbleed)
  6. Unmanaged personal devices (e.g. lack of BYOD policy)
  7. Physical intrusion
  8. Shadow IT (e.g. users’ personal cloud-based services for business purposes)
  9. Managing third party service providers (e.g. outsourced infrastructure)
  10. Take advantage of getting data put to the cloud (e.g. IAAS, PAAS)